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Continuous Global Optimization Software: A Brief Review

Global Optimization

A Survey of Global Optimization Methods

Greg's Alife Links contains an extensive list of sites dealing with Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Life, and Neural Nets.

Joseph Culberson's Searchscape Research Interests lists many reports he has written dealing with the GIGA program, Genetic Invariance in general, and several other topics dealing with Genetic Algorithms.

János D. Pintér maintains a site that offers a brief review of continuous global optimization software (some have links). Source Code Collection, GA Archive contains links to software written in C/C++, Eiffel, Fortran, Lisp, and other languages.

Genetic Algorithms in Chemistry Home Page is a site maintained by Richard Judson that contains links groups and information about Genetic Algorithms and their use in Chemistry.

Aimo A, Törn presents an overview of global optimization techniques along with a list of references.

Global Optimization Survey is an online survey of global optimization methods.

Collected Algorithms of the ACM lets you download all algorithms numbered 493 and above (as well as a few earlier ones).

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